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Before you consider buying the Robinson Curriculum, please view the pros and cons, the comparison chart and utilize the free Robinson Curriculum Resources below. Free courses of study and more free resources are also on our Resource Page.

Please visit again soon. We are in process of updating and organizing this page!

The Robinson Curriculum - Pros and Cons. Advantages and Disadvantages, the method and contents.
The A-Squared Curriculum - Shop and compare before you buy... A must read! (At least compare the A2 & RC booklist and contents)
Free Forms to Print and Use - Includes Transcript, progress reports, monthly assessment reports for all subjects and teaching analogies worksheets and directions.

Quick Links for Free Resources Organized by:
K-Middle School   High School   Family Resources   Free Books   Robinson Resources   Robinson Users Support

Kindergarten-Middle School:
Boston Tea Party for Children by Josephine Pollard. Beautiful book!
Free Reading Test - Assessment for grades 2-10.
Free Phonics Charts - Pretty, colorful and easy to print charts, easily modified.
Free Flashcards - list of links for various kinds of flashcards
Worksheet Bonanza - Large list of links for free worksheets.
IXL.COM- PreK - A wealth of free educational goodies! Well organized list of what is to be mastered in PreK.
Kids Hub.org- Free resources for primary and elementary grades.
Site For Teachers - K-12. Free resources with endless links -- not just for PS teachers!
Vocabulary.com - Their word city. Includes puzzles and other fun options.
Non-StopEnglish.com - Vocabulary exercies. Word formations, Includes prefixes, suffixes, compound verbs, compound nouns, compound adjectives.
Vocabulary Builder - This one is a download and is easily edited, keeps score, etc.
Elementary Vocabulary Builder - from NonStopEnglish.com.
Free Vocabulary Worksheets - Grades 1-5.

High School Helps:
High School Hub - Free material
SAT Vocabulary Words Quiz- Free. Fun!
College Test Prep- Great site with helpful links, free resources and a wealth of information provided by Samantha at Heritage in NE. Thank You!
Free Practice Tests - ACT, SAT, GRE.
Free Online Courses & Tutorials - Free online courses for parents, teens--anyone! Lots of options for various different occupations and interests.
Used Books for Sale- Coming Soon. From favorite College Study Books to favorite baby board books, share your treasures with others here!
Robinson Booklist - Organized for better use! In grade level or reading order. Originally created at homewithgod by a former RC user.
Creation Evidence - Free Science Lessons. Incredible Museum in Glen Rose, TX. Exposes the errors in evolution clearly. Noah's Ark replica underway.

Family Resources:
Free Tools and Resources
http://www.familywatchdog.us/default.asp - Choose your State and enter your zip code at this website to check if any sex offenders live near you.
Free Online Protection - All in One
http://www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/ - Spyware Doctor - Run this Free software after you have ran the one you are using and see if it's not worth keeping. Excellent product!
http://www.clamwin.com/- The best Anti-Virus we've seen. Has removed problems for us that other AVs have missed! And it is free.
Teaching Treasures - Wonderful site from Australia. Tons of free educational resources.
Home School Radio Show - Free Classic Educational programs especially for home schoolers. Offers some Vintage goodies!
E-Sword Downloads - Free Bible Study software. Also includes dictionaries, commentaries, books that are on the Robinson CDs, etc.

FREE Books:
Manybooks.net - Great site. Alphabetical with author and title search. Many great, out-of-print books.
E-Text Archives A large list of websites that offer free books online. Includes the next link and Bibliomania--which we will leave below in case this site moves.
Penn University - The Free Online Books Page. Includes hundreds or maybe thousands of books. Almost all Robinson Curriculum books can be found here excluding maybe one college text. Other links below will have more Robinson titles. Clicking this link will take you to the alphabetical search for authors. (A site to bookmark! It continues to grow.)
19th Century Education For Free - Ignite the Fire. Great Site, Vintage text books from K-12, many great fiction books-several RC titles.
Bibliomania - More than 2000 Free online books. Includes research tools and other goodies.
1911 Britannica - Free online. The exact set of encyclopedia that are on the Robinson Curriculum CDs but in a much better, retrievable format and with search feature.
1828 Webster's Christian Dictionary This link takes you to the page where you enter any word and click search. To hit refresh reveals a new word. Rosetta Stone Version - This Webster version includes graphics and more information. Cool for younger children!

Robinson Curriculum Resource Links

Complete RC Booklist - Before you email us, please be aware that -- Yes, This is everything. The number sequence skips only to separate the requirements from the supplementary reading.
Bookblessings.org - This lady has established a very generous ministry. You'll see when you notice her prices for books. She specifically prints and binds the books that are on the Robinson Curriculum booklist and the A2 booklist.
Vocabulary Builder - Free Software at download.com. Use the search engine to enter "vocabulary builder" or any other item or software and choose your OS system either windows or MAC.
Dover Books - Many books from the Robinson booklist $1.00-3.00 each.
Horatio Alger Books, Aesop's Fables -- the entire collection, Louisa May Alcott, Samuel Adams-1772, Jane Addams-1913, Augustine-426, and many more free books online.
The Bobbsey Twins - Etext at University of Virginia.
Heidi - Before 1891. - Direct link found at the above website.
Caltech University - Free Texts. Read online or download. Direct link to Robinson Books #200, 201, 202 & 203. Mechanical Universe Books.
Nuclear War Survival Skills - Robinson Curriculum Book #208:
Chemical Principles - Robinson Curriculum Book #206: Purchase used for $6-$12 when available.
Earth Science -- For Fun. NASA Video. Cool Bird's eye views of CA; landing at LAX.

The Law - http://land.netonecom.net/tlp/ref/the-law1.shtml - Robinson Curriculum Book #84
The Enterprising Americanhttp://freebooks.entrewave.com/freebooks/docs/221e_47e.htm - Robinson Curriculum- Book #127

This website, http://freebooks.entrewave.com/freebooks/ - is a Christian Educational Resources Site with over 90 Free Books Plus 800+ Free Newsletters. Christian worldview books and Christian History books. This is a good page to confirm their views, if you agree with them. It includes Gary North books and is where you enter the freebooks site.

The Ultimate Resource - http://findaid.oac.cdlib.org/texts - contains over 1000 texts free online.


Robinson User's Personal Website Links

We have found a couple home school support groups we would not recommend to anyone.  
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RC_A2_Group/... Is a very warm and welcoming support group! This group kindly welcomes all walks of faith without prejudice. However it is not a denominational, religious forum that will be rude to you or remove you for your beliefs or for not agreeing with the views and/or opinions of others. Their discussion and their focus is using the RC, A2 or any self-teaching, 3-R's method of education. An excellent support group where you will find the loyality is with their children -- our children, ... above loyality to any publisher.

Shoelace Books - Simply Phonics, Simply Numbers, Simply Spelling, Simply English and more. shoelacebooks.ecrater.com Short, easy lessons, very affordable. The author/publisher of this curriculum offers personal support with a yahoo group. A great resource for beginners or those having difficulty with reading and early education. A program that also is in keeping with the three R's, self-teaching methods.

HSTreasures.com - You are here!  We offer several matching books that are on the Robinson curriculum: 1879 McGuffey Readers- (paperback versions primer, speller, 1st - 3rd readers), The Tom Swift Books, Uncle Remus, the original, Davy Crockett's Autobiography, Daniel Boone and more. Click This Link to view the list of new books available.
You can search for books that match the RC at thrift shops, used bookstores, antique shops, garage sales, estate sales, library sales, and Ebay.com to name a few. Dr. Robinson said that if you find an older version, that it would be even better! You CAN replace the RC books with same era books that are a better reading selection.

Don't forget to see more free hand selected resources at: Resource Page. Another interesting list of goodies.


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