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Reading levels and grade levels are not easily defined, especially with our rapidly advancing home schooled children. These sample stories from the menu below are to help you determine which book is appropriate for your child. These stories were written in 1879, are not copyright protected, but are public domain and available to print and use at your leisure. They may also be printed and used for copy work.

52 Lessons. Short-easy, large print. Fully illustrated. Full pages of Alphabet in upper, lower case, and pre-cursive at the end. One syllable slate exercises (copy work). New letters and words at the beginning of each lesson. Includes diacritical marks--(pronunciation symbols) on all new words before each story. Suggestions for teacher also included.
Lesson 4 -- The Lad and the Man
Lesson 32 -- Bess in Her Goat Pulled Cart.

First Reader
63 Lessons- Short and easy. Includes Phonics charts, Diacritical Marks on all new words, suggestions for teaching. Large print, fully illustrated.
Lesson 5 -- Ann and Her Dog
Lesson 58 -- A Poem about being conscious of the Lord.

Second Reader
71 Short, easy lessons. Seven stories or poems are slate work (cursive copy work). Each lesson contains an illustration. Diacritical marks, larger print.
Lesson 16 - A Kind Brother
Lesson 55 - God is Great and Good--A poem

Third Reader
79 Lessons. Teachers suggestions, illustrated, expanded phonics charts, punctuation, emphasis, drills in articulation. Latter half of book introduces the definitions for vocabulary. Smaller print than previous readers--but perfect reading size.
Lesson 9 - The Beaver -- Nonfiction.
Lesson 36 - Finding The Owner--Finders Keepers? A good story about doing the right thing.

Fourth Reader
90 Lessons. Illustrated but fewer illustrations. Definitions included with words at the end of each story or poem. Most lessons include exercises, which are discussion questions and many times ask the student to relate the story in his/her own words. Includes a short bio/history about the author of the stories before each story. The print/font size starts getting smaller with this reader.
Lesson 37 - Susie's Composition--A story to encourage essay writing through nature, with ease and joy.
Lesson 56 - Knowledge is Power--Wisdom from an older man to a younger one.

Fifth Reader
117 Lessons. 34 pages at the beginning of articulation, inflection, accent, emphasis, modulation, poetic pauses and exercises. Only 15 wood-cut type illustrations. Includes more depth of author's backgrounds and notes. Vocabulary for more difficult words in each lesson. Includes excerpts from the Bible. Various known and unknown authors; Whittier, O. Goldsmith, Hawthorne, Alcott, Bryant, Cowper, Dickens, Tennyson, Audubon, Shakespeare, etc.
Lesson 8 - Work--A poem by Eliza Cook.
Lesson 64 - Speech of John Adams --By Washington Irving.

Sixth Reader
138 Lessons. Alphabetical list of authors, 55 pages of articulation, inflection, accent and emphasis, instructions for reading verse, the voice and gesture including exercises. More thorough notes-- background and history on the authors and the people they are writing about. Notes also include history of the time periods. 111 different authors--mostly known authors.
Lesson 47- Character of Columbus--By Washington Irving.
Lesson 79- The Song of the Potter--A poem by Longfellow.

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