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Little Maid Series

by Alice Turner Curtis

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Available in an 8 Book Discount Set only.

$99.00 Regular Price $12.95/each
8 Book Set includes: one of each of the following titles or whatever titles remain in print, not limited to, A Little Maid of Newport, Little Maid of Narragansett Bay, Little Maid of Massachusetts Colony, Little Maid of Old Connecticut, Little Maid of Old Maine, Little Maid of Old New York, Little Maid of Old Philadelphia, Little Maid of Ticonderoga, Little Maid of Virginia, and Little Maid of Maryland.

Many of these titles go out of print. Titles included in the 8 Book discount set may vary. Please see publisher's book descriptions listed below.

A Little Maid of Narragansett Bay
This book tells the story of Penelope Balfour and her brother who lived on a little farm in Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War.

A Little Maid of Virginia
Rose Elinor Moore was 11 when her little cousin Mary Lou came to visit her at her beautiful home in Yorktown in the spring of 1781 during the Revolutionary War. They had many exciting adventures together, even driving together to Yorktown to witness Cornwallis's surrender.

A Little Maid of Provincetown
During the Revolutionary War, 8 year old Anne lived at Cape Cod and helped the patriot's cause by carrying an important message from Boston to Newburypost.--OOP indefinitely.

A Little Maid of Old Connecticut
This is the heroic story of Ellen Elizabeth Barlow, a little maid in 1776 when enemy war vessels and Tory bands were ravishing the coastal settlements.

A Little Maid of Ticonderoga
The story of Faith Carew and her adventures in aiding Colonel Ethan Allen in his efforts to take Fort Ticonderoga.

A Little Maid of Old New York
Set in 1783, this is a story of the adventures of a courageous loyal American girl and her best friend Tory.

A Little Maid of Old Philadelphia
Set in 1778 when Philadelphia was in the hands of General Howe and the British army. This story is about Ruth Pennell and Winifred Merrill, who kept their ears open and made good use of their knowledge.

A Little Maid of Maryland
Living in Maryland during the time of the colonies' rebellion against England, Barbara Anne Browne accidentally learns some secrets of the American patriots.

A Little Maid of Old Maine
This is a true story of a brave effort of two girls to bring help to a little settlement on the Maine coast at the time of the American Revolution.

A Little Maid of Massachusetts Colony
The story of Anne Nelson's journey with the Native Americans, her imprisonment and escape. Excitement and adventure.


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