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Recommended by Dr. Robinson. These books were the bulk of what the mother of the Robinson children used before she died in 1988. She also utilized an extensive home library, which, much later the children helped scan onto CDs. At the beginning the 22 CD collection was only 6 CDs.

These set of books are a curriculum package all on their own! They are not like any other set of encyclopedias. They were published, one or two volumes per book, for 20 volume set in 10 or 20 individual books. Click the above link to view sample pages and sets available.

Highlights Subscription

Highlights Subscription
Still around and only $3/month or less.


A-Squared Curriculum

Your search for a quality, organized home school program with a one-time purchase is over. A-Squared (Accelerated-Achievement) is a must have! The A2 has been called a Charlotte Mason Delight with its Self-Teaching, 3-R's approach. K-12 curriculum on one CD. There are many software based home school curriculums available today, but the A2 program is unlike any other. CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED-Unavailable

The Robinson Curriculum

Consider the Pros and Cons.There is a Better Way Before you buy the Robinson Curriculum, view the contents here on the RC Booklist. We offer the A2 instead.   It is a much better quality product, which does not have large image, tiff files on 22 CDs with very little content. It is far less expensive, the same methods, but has more structure, organization and more than double the contents for half the price. A Bargain!

RC/A2 Group

Join our RC/A2 support group at Yahoo to read what others are saying.

G.A. Henty

G.A. Henty

A popular name but bores the reader. However, due to high demand, we offer over 60 books from his works, as well as, Joseph Altsheler on the same CD. Your children will be glad to read the historical fiction by Altsheler far above Henty.

Historians and older generations that have read Altsheler rave about his books!

Let your children decide. All will be glad for the option. History is always better learned from what reads like first hand experience. Let us make reading and learning as enjoyable as possible.

McGuffey Readers: Click Here for More Info

Our Best Sellers include the 1879 McGuffey Readers

Author's Corner

Book Reviews - From the negative influences of Harry Potter to Great Authors of the Past, including Jim A. Kjelgaard and more!

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