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The Book of Knowledge Set of Encyclopedias are a treasure for the HomeSchooler and Public schooled child alike. These are not like regular encyclopedias and are not to be confused with the "New Book of Knowledge". As far as we have found, they were first published by Grolier Publishing in 1890 and ended in 1963. We have seen them in the colors--burgundy, blue, and red & white, green, greenish blue and black, etc. They are a 20 volume set of books that come in either a 20 volume set or a 10 volume set with 2 volumes per book. Books with the same copyrights are identical with the 10 volume series containing only more pages in each book. What makes them so unique is they are fully illustrated with black & white and color photos, they contain subjects necessary and of interest specifically for the education process in a way that is not and has not been accomplished before or since. With the incoming information, digital age, real books are becoming extinct. Books are burned at various locations around the country. Libraries are buying and shelving less books and adding more computers. If we had no electricity, no internet, then these would be the books you would want in your possession. The 10 book sets are of great value to missionaries with families. If you have a set and would like to donate them, please check with your local church for a missionary family.

Each book has it's own unique information and have the contents listed under the following topics:

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Each Volume might differ somewhat in a few of the above topics, but each volume will contain different information under each of these topics. Whether you sit and gleam the beauty and wealth of information in each book,as each volume is a book on it's own. These set of books also contains a unique index system in the last volume which include:

Followed By: The Declaration of Independence (with a copy of the original page of signatures)

And the Constitution of the US. --- UNEDITED, COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED.

Some prefer the older editions, as Dr. Arthur Robinson, RC-Curriculum publisher. I would think as others for their historical accuracy, artwork, and broad range of subjects that originally came with their own course of study and curriculum guides. Some prefer the latest for their scientific accuracy, more current events, newer books, etc. The older editions contain foreign language, while the later versions do not.

If anything happened to the internet or any kind of lasting black out with no power or a greater economic crisis, a set of these books would be one you would want in your home. The history and information they contain regarding the nations and world history is of great value. This set of books will be most valuable as we continue to see our history and the facts of world history distorted and many times changed entirely to fit social or political agendas. I have been impressed recently with the history of religion and the information on the history of the church they contain. I find it ironic the last year they were published is the following year, in our history when "God" was removed from the public school system, when its decline became more evident and accelerated. You would think with Science advancements of DNA that prove humanity did not evolve from apes that the "system" or textbooks of today would have been updated to reflect the error of Darwin's theory or at least that it was first published as such. If a home owned only one set of real books that have not been tainted with political correctness, these would be the gem to own.


1951 Book of Knowledge

1951 Book of Knowledge

NEW LISTING. Bought new and owned by one family, clean pages, tight and firm complete set of 20 Groiler’s Book of Knowledge, last copyright date 1951. The binders are somewhat worn, but with no tears or severe damage. Book number 5 and some light spots on the back cover. There are some small nicks to the front cover of book number 8 and a small spot at the top of the book itself. Book number 9 also has a small spot on the top of the book. Books numbered 10 and 11 have slight folds on a few pages in the upper right hand corner. There are NO torn or damaged pages inside any of the books.

$250.00 (Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers) GREAT Deal on this set!
1950 Book of Knowledge

1950 Book of Knowledge

NEW LISTING. Beautiful Mint Set. Excellent Condition. Stored untouched in a physician's library for decades. Clean, tight, bright lettering. What a treasure!
20 volume - 10 book set. Great price for their condition!

REDUCED - $550.00 (Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers) GREAT Deal on this set!
1963 Book of Knowledge1963 Book of Knowledge - Sideview

1963 Book of Knowledge

Tight, no marks or tears. Bright, clean pages. White spines are slightly discolored --- not bright white, otherwise very good condition.
Inside like new, many full-color pages.
20 book set. Great price for their condition!

$450.00 (Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers)
1926 Book of Knowledge

1926 Book of Knowledge

Arthur Mee
One owner set. Very Well cared for. Near Mint! Clean-no marks, tight. Bright, clear, clean lettering. Beautiful set. Mint condition Original Certificates. See both certificates by clicking here. Only slight, minimum wear can be seen on the index volume 20

REDUCED $650 to $550!
(Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers)
1966 Book of Knowledge

1966 - 20 Book, 20 Vol. Set Book of Knowledge

1966 Book of Knowledge Supplemental Booklets

VG condition, near mint condition. White/red sets do soil or stain easily. Note Vol. 17 red crayon mark (this may be cleaned/removed). Note tops/bottoms of their spines. Spines tight. Firm set. Inside clean for books and booklets. One small tear in one of the booklets. Note bottom right corner of the How to Use Booklet. The third "how to use" booklet is an added feature for the later sets.
*This set comes with original paperback supplements! - See more info regarding the supplements below sets sold
(The Character Development Booklets, School-Subject Guide and Courses of Study Guides).

REDUCED $550 to $500! (Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers)

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1956 Book of Knowledge

1956 - 10 Book, 20 Vol. Set Book of Knowledge

Very good condition. Tight and clean but with normal wear on tops/bottoms of spines as photo indicates. More so on top of Vol. 20 (showing). A few volumes w/corner creases from being folded down. A couple small tears but in the margins and do not hinder text or any content. But not taped and does not require tape. Scratches on a couple vols on the outside. Worse can be seen here. --- very minor. Published in New York. Editor in Chief E. V. McLoughlin, L.H.D.

(Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers) SOLD
1950 Book of Knowledge

1950 Book of Knowledge

Clean, tight, no marks or tear. Only slight, min. wear as indicated on tops and bottoms of spine. Very good condition.
20 volume - 10 book set. Great price for their condition!

$525.00 (Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers) --- SOLD
1951 Book of Knowledge

1951 - 10 Book Mint Set!

This set is quality Museum material. Notice the min. wear on the spines. They are like new and a couple volumes feel as if they have never been opened they are so tight! Clean and tight. They arrived with each volume individually wrapped and they will ship out in the same manner. This set is more valuable than what it is listed for because they are out of print and the very best condition we have ever seen. If we could put any set on a CD/DVD, this year or ones within 5 years of this one would be the idea time in history. I do not think this set should leave our possession with less than $1000 worth of insurance. Their condition is so rare and irreplaceable.

(Shipping/Handling/Insurance added at checkout - for US customers) SOLD

*The Character Development Booklets, School-Subject Guide and Courses of Study Guides, with some editions came separate, as paperback supplements. Some editions include them within the index volume. They cover the Children's Morality Code Laws. Great material that SHOULD be taught in today's public schools and sad to say, in our Sunday School classes as well. Also great for Good Citizenship and Patriotism. They include Outlines, Tests, and Study Questions. No filler/fluff ... unnecessary time wasters that bore our children. It doesn't take 12+ years to receive an outstanding education.

Section Topics:
The Law of Self-Control, The Law of Good Health, The Law of Kindness, The Law of Sportsmanship, The Law of Self-Reliance, The Law of Duty, The Law of Reliability, The Law of Truth, The Law of Good Workmanship, The Law of Team-Work, The Law of Loyalty. I would utilize the entire Character Development for copy work, starting with vocabulary for the younger grades.

With these booklets your children will receive the full benefits of the Book of Knowledge, saving parents time and planning. Not enough can be written to describe the Courses of Study and School-Subject guide. So simple, yet so advanced to most this day and time. Easy to use. The outlines help teach self study and independence, as well as helping relieve parents of any concern and to see what must be covered. Too bad this material is out of print and still under copyright. Please no decorators or collectors. Our intentions are to provide quality resource materials for home schooled children.

We treat and/or deodorize and clean all vintage books before packaging. Visit our web page Book Care for more information on the care and preservation of older books. If you are sensitive to mold or have a problem with musty smells, please be aware that this can be the case with any used vintage book. Even if mildew is not visible anywhere on the book, the inside pages can not be cleaned without expensive professional work. We do not have or accept any with visible mold or mildew, but these or any books can be sensitive if kept in a damp area. Store your treasures in a well ventilated, dry area and avoid direct sunlight.

These books are amazing! It's easy to understand why they are so highly recommended by Dr. Arthur Robinson, creator of the Robinson 22-CD ROM - Self Teaching Curriculum.


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