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Is Paypal Safe?
Do I have to use a credit card to have a Paypal account?
How Does Paypal work?
How Do I set-up a Paypal account?
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Is Paypal Safe?
Paypal is no different than any other online shopping. Common sense precautions go a long way, the same as in any area of our personal lives. It is, in fact, safer to go through Paypal than to use your debit or credit cards. For one, the merchant or company you are buying from will not have access to your account ever. Whereas, via credit or debit card, they can hit your account without your permission (theft by taking) and it become a pain for several days and alot of trouble to get your money back. The days and times we now live in prove that this is becoming more and more frequent, as well as by so called legit and reasonable companies. If nothing else they "hold" or steal your money for several days, weeks or months.

1. Choose a password than cannot be found in any dictionary. Paypal suggests you change your password about every 30 days or so. It is also not a good idea to use the same password for everything.

2. After the day, once you have set up your account with Paypal, never click on any email link sent from them to verify your account information. You will have to verify only once, while you are setting it up. (you can check your email while you are setting up your account, to get the needed information to continue your registration at the same time, to finish your order) It is very important to confirm your address.

Confirming your address insures that You are the person placing the order. It confirms that your billing address is also your shipping address and that you are the account owner. If your billing address is a PO Box and your want product shipped to your home, you could have difficultly. Many online merchants will not ship to unconfirmed addresses and PO boxes. For your protection and security, it is best that your billing address and shipping address, for the account you will be using be the same. Hackers and thieves know this already.

After your initial setup and verifying/confirming your address, Paypal never asks for any personal information. Hackers do send phoney emails, that appear to be from Paypal, to obtain your personal information. If you receive any questionable email, that what appears to be from Paypal, about a problem with your account, then type in and go directly to Paypal without using the included email links. Any questionable email should be forwarded to Paypal at spoof@paypal.com. They will confirm or remove any suspicions you may have. Please do forward all emails from paypal back to paypal. As more people continue this practice it aids Paypal in tracing the source so they can catch them. Paypal will always reply within a few days to say thank you for reporting the email and confirm that you were right.

One common thief attempt is to send a paypal looking email saying that you have purchased a $190 wristwatch. It looks real but it is not. The email says "click here" to cancel your order or dispute the charges. But again, do not click on any link in an email. Go to paypal.com into your account and you will see everything is fine with your account. Another common attempt is to say something is either wrong with your account or your account information needs updating. In fact, anytime you receive an email saying they suspect your account has been compromised or either you need to update your information, then contact the sender directly, via phone or close out the email and type in their website address directly. Never click on a link inside of an email. They're getting so bad these days they are sending jokes, funnies or vote for this or that and it is nothing but a scam. The problem there is the scam may have been forwarded to you from a friend that is not aware of this common practice among thieves.

For online shopping the best method is to purchase a reloadable VISA card and use it rather than your bank account. It is much safer paying bills online than mailing a check. The routing number, bank account number and much information is on most people's checks. If stolen, they will use that information and have often changed the amount on the check.

3. Install free software to prevent others from tracking your movements. Several groups of experts have recommended using the following two. Usually the best software is free because those that have created them do not have the motive to make money off you. (Both work well together and have complimenting functions.) After installation, we suggest running their programs once a day, or once a week, depending on how much time you spend on the internet.

Ad- Aware SE

Nothing is fool-proof. Paypal is just as safe, if not safer, than anyone else you may give your credit card number.

Do I have to have a credit card to use Paypal?
No. There are three options, a credit card, or a bank account, or a debit/credit card. For extra precaution and added security, you can choose to open a "play" account of sorts, just for your online buying needs. Paypal also offers the option to purchase with your credit card without having to setup a Paypal account at all.

How does Paypal work?
Once you follow the easy click links to set up your account, Paypal basically opens a bank account for you with them. You will transfer money in and out of your Paypal bank account. When someone sends you money, you will see the amount in your account and you will also receive an email with notification of payment or money received. When you send someone money, it will be withdrawn from your balance in the Paypal account and you will receive an email from Paypal for your receipt. If you have your Paypal account connected to your credit card, it will withdraw funds from there. If you have your account connected or setup with your checking account, Paypal will withdraw the funds from that account.

We suggest you keep a small balance in your Paypal account. Your payment will be instant if you have a balance. If you do not have a balance, your payment will be sent as an e-check and it will take 4-5 days for the recipent to receive the funds because it has to be withdrawn from the account or source you chose and placed first in your Paypal account.

How Do I set-up a Paypal account?
1. First decide which money source you will use.
A separate, free checking account or savings account that doesn't penalize for multiple withdrawals is a safe and easy option. You can put money in only when you are going to need it and only leave a small balance. You will be prompted automatically when you checkout to complete your purchase, from any store, where you are shopping that uses Paypal as one of their options. The great thing about credit cards is that you have 30 days to dispute any charge that is not yours. It is the law and credit card companies must pull those charges aside and investigate for you. It is imperative to look over your bill when it arrives to check all your charges, that 30 day window is another safe guard.

2. Choose a good password. A combination of words and letters is a good idea or a misspelled word. Write it down and keep it some place safe.

3. If you have opened an account beforehand and have deposited money, you are ready to go shopping!

You will see the yellow lock or a prompt window as you set up. When you see https, not just http, in the website address, that also means it is a secure website. That and/or a lock in the web address will be your notice that you are in a secure website. Paypal is owned by Ebay and they have a whole department of experts to stay on top and watch for hacking thieves.

Your best protection is to keep trackers and bots off your computer. They get into your computer's registry and without using one of the above free links or a similar program, you would not know if hackers were tapping into your computer. Microsoft and other software companies will have access to your computer if you are set up to receive updates. You will get to pick and choose from a descriptive list, which companies you want to allow access to your computer.

Please see the real examples at the link provided below.

Anti-Phishing.org. A helpful link for current phishing trends and how to report. Thieves have targeted almost everyone. If there is a problem with your account information, most companies do not send you an email about it. We know that Paypal never sends anything like this, so each time we receive one of these scam attempts, we click "forward" and send to spoof@paypal.com. We also forward the complete email to uce@ftc.gov - The Federal Trade Commission. The FTC and Paypal will take care of them! It is important to choose the option in your email settings to "show all headers" before you forward these emails to Paypal and the Federal Trade Commission.

When we forward and have "full headers showing", the header reveals to the authorities where the thieves are and gives them valuable information on catching them. When forwarding these emails, you will see where the email came from as well.

If you EVER think there may be, or could be a problem with your Paypal account. Type in their website address in a new browser - which is the most important and helpful tip to remember. (www.paypal.com) ALWAYS look for that yellow lock in the top left corner of your screen, next to the www. That lock indicates that the website is a secure site. This ever increasing problem is not just with Paypal, but thieves are trying to copy Ebay, all the major banks, any online accounts, by reproducing the way they look.

We hope this website has been helpful to you. Visit Paypal.com for more information. We would appreciate your first Paypal experience to be with HS Treasures. Use the link below to browse our products and services.

You can go to www.paypal.com and also sign up to create your own shopping carts with a few clicks. You can use it to sell used books or unwanted garage sale items and use emails, instead of a shopping cart if you do not have a website.

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