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A right word in due season, how sweet it is! Let the Holy Spirit lead you in your selection of books to read for yourself, your friends or children. We must continue reading, continually growing in our Christian walk. How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? At times we have to stir up ourselves, stir up the gift within us. The battle, the temptation to become complacent or give up wears heavy on many of the saints these days. It is our desire to share books that have blessed us and blessed the lives of others.

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Waking Up in HeavenWaking Up in Heaven - By Crystal McVea

This book I could not put down and read within a day. It brought tears to my eyes several times as I felt the love and power of God in her life. It is not one of those stories you hear about people hovering over their bed or any of that. Her experience seemed to be more like a dream or a vision, lasting only nine minutes. We know the Word says in the last days, He will give us dreams and visions. However, the bulk of the book is about her life and overcoming. It would be a good read for a girl 14 years or older. I believe we do not have to learn things the hard way and can benefit by hearing the testimonies and struggles of others. For homeschool credit, it can be classified as sex education or Psychology.

It would be a great tool to open discussions with your daughter, even as early as 12 or 13. Our children seem to mature and are exposed to things much earlier than most of us were in our time. As mothers we want to discuss the topic of boys and relationships before things can get difficult or before the world teaches them. In the end of the book the author includes a study group guide and discussion questions. It can be used for several great essay topics for your student. Boys would benefit as well. If nothing else, it would help them counsel others in a compassionate and godly way that are in similar situations.

The Jesus BookThe Jesus Book

Words cannot describe the importance, the eternal value and how amazing our relationship with Him can be.

The link below of the author speaking is short, but it will stir and warm your heart. Finding the secret place is crucial. We are changed from glory to glory by the power of his love and his presence.

Hear this video clip with the author speaking about knowing Jesus.
There is no other religion that has such a powerful, living and real God they can know. It is a personal thing, that we know that we know. No one can take it from us. Michael Koulianos

When Heaven Invades Earth

Why no mighty works of God and miracles in the lives of the believers these days? Is Jesus not the same today, yesterday, today and forever? We live in a land of plenty, yet we hear of miracles and mighty moves of God in third world countries and not enough in the US! If 1 Corinthians 2:4, "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power." describes the lack of power, healing and other things the Bible says are to do or have as believers, then this book will help you see there is more! So much of the church today is enticing words of man's wisdom, motivational speaking, which is only a "form of godliness, but denies the power thereof." --- 2 Timothy 3:5.

This book is a faith builder. Another life changing book we should have read years ago. We do not experience that which we do not believe. We must believe what the Word says above what our church or what anyone else teaches us. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. We must not be ignorant concerning what the will of the Lord is for it is written in His word what His will is. You will find a teen version as well. Great Bible study resource.

Who Switched Off My Brain

So thankful to have read this book. The science behind what is happening in our brains as we think negative and positive thoughts. An Excellent read. This book will help empower you to walk in the Spirit. Clicking the link will take you to several preview pages. You can also get accompanying study guides and journals. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." --- Proverbs 23:7. See how all our problems and victories start with our thought life and how. A great Science or Psychology credit for homeschoolers.

Healing For Damaged EmotionsHealing For Damaged Emotions

If we could only give this book to so many people, it would change the world. The title is quite condemning and disturbing. It does not reflect the compassion and wisdom contained in the book. Could be the author's intent was a resource for Christian Counselors or Psychologist only, but the book does not reflect that in the contents. For those I have given the book to, that really need it, it takes a great deal of time dealing with the title. The last thing a person who has depression or rejection needs to hear is that they are damaged.

The author died in 2006, else I would most certainly contact him about the title.

I have read many books that would have been better if I had not read them, but this, by far, is one that I am so thankful for having read. You will be too! If you or someone you know suffers from any type of depression or rejection, it will be life changing.

Thou Shall Prosper - By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Although this book is not written purposely to teach servant hood or stewardship, it does exemplify the results and helps give meaning to our purpose in life as a servant of the King and good stewards of what is His has entrusted to us.

Daisy ChainThe Daisy Chain

If I could only insist on my daughter or granddaughter reading one book besides the Bible, it would be this one!

Charlotte Yonge was Louisa May Alcott's mentor and where she got her inspiration and ideas contained in her books, Little Women and Little Men, which really cannot be compared to the strength of character and moral values in Yonge's book.

It is very motivating and encourages good choices like no other book for young girls that I have ever read.

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