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Arthur Scott Bailey is a treasured author for the young and old. We offer the complete Slumber-Town series on CD. Each CD comes with the software, FinePrint® to create booklets, save ink and paper!--- A treat for books in pdf, txt, and other formats. See links below for Arthur Scott Bailey's books that are available online free as well as our CD Library Collections.

Bailey CD

Slumber-Town Tales
This CD includes the (9) nine books that focus on the barn and farm life. The animals stories are about the dog, cow, pig, hen, turkey, pony, cat, lamb and the mule. The CD also includes a vocabulary list for each book.
$19.99 (reduced) $14.99 Slumber-Town Series
The Bailey Sampler - Three books, Complete & Unabridged; The Tale of Nimble Deer-(Sleepy-Time Tales), The Tale of Miss Kitty Cat -(Slumber-Town Tales), and The Tale of Buster Bumblebee - (Tuck-Me-In Tales). A Sample from Each Series! Each ebook includes vocabulary - to be used in part, or in whole as Spelling words, or as a Study Guide. Four illustrations in each book can be printed and used for coloring. Easy, clean viewing or printing from a PDF format.
$5.99 The Bailey Sampler EBooks
Books in print (Buy Link to Amazon.com for all available Arthur Scott Bailey Titles in Print)
The Tale of Muley Cow - (Slumber-Town Tales)
The Tale of Old Mr. Crow - (Tuck-Me-In Tales)
The Tale of Major Monkey - (Sleepy-Time Tales)
The Tale of Fatty Coon - (Sleepy-Time Tales)
All four of the above are available at $19.95 each.---(paperback)

Books Free Online
http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu More titles also available at www.gutenberg.org
The Tale of Brownie Beaver - (Sleepy-Time Tales)
The Tale of Fatty Coon - (Sleepy-Time Tales)
The Tale of Freddie Firefly - (Tuck-Me-In Tales)
The Tale of Tommy Fox - (Sleepy-Time Tales)

The above free books online are not very long books but it is best to download any zip files to save time. Most free books online will not include the illustrations, but if Arthur Scott Bailey is not familar to you, you will be pleasantly surprised!

About the Author
Tuck Me Tales- Book Cover Arthur Scott Bailey was born in 1877 and wrote more than forty children's books. Little is known or can be found about this writer other than through his great writings. Based on our research, his last known writing was published in 1929. Arthur Scott Bailey was born in New Jersey and graduated from Harvard. Harry L. Smith was the illustrator of all first editions and most reprints for the first three series. Bailey's books teach basic science of the animal and insect world through the descriptive lives of his characters. The settings take place on or near a farm in Pleasantville where Farmer Green and son Johnnie Green are intermingled with many of the characters. The lives and tale of the most of the characters in the three series are all connected. These wholesome books are funny and children of all ages, even adults, enjoy reading them. Once you've read one, you want to read another and continue the series. However connected, each book is an independent story of its own and does not have a cliff-hanger ending.

Photo of Nimble Deer Many have heard and love the writings of Thornton Burgess. The similarities in their writings are uncanny. His writings do not contain the rich vocabulary like Arthur Scott Bailey. Bailey fully explores the various animal characteristics, environments, predators, and the ways animals serve humans. Thornton Burgess books do include poetry and Bailey's do not. The similarities are otherwise too coincidental to overlook. Burgess uses "Farmer Brown" whereas Bailey uses "Farmer Green" and his son, Johnnie Green. If you and your children liked Thornton Burgess, you will love Arthur Scott Bailey far more. Our children preferred Bailey due to the rich vocabulary Bailey offers that is not watered-down or childish sounding. Bailey's writings contain more academic value, whereas Burgess's books contain far more illustrations. The illustrations could very well be made Burgess more popular and has kept his books in print. Thornton Burgess was born three years before Arthur Scott Bailey. Burgess copyrighted his first animal books in 1914 and Bailey's were first published in 1915. Most likely they knew each other and were competitors. Who's to say if Bailey's inspiration came from Burgess. Thornton Burgess was a known naturalist and many of his first writings were non-fiction. However, it is most likely the case since the Burgess titles were published first.

Arthur Scott Bailey started his last series in 1929 and they were also published in 1929 which included only four titles; The Tale of Cuffy Bear and the Snowman, The Tale of Cuffy Bear's Holiday, The Tale of Cuffy Bear and the Circus and The Tale of Cuffy Bear and the Scarecrow. Bailey's illustrator for his last series was Ernest Vetsch. It is the opinion of our youngest son, a big Arthur Scott Bailey fan, that Bailey did not write the Cuffy Bear Series and only The Tale of Cuffy Bear, that is included in the Sleepy-Time Series. Although a ghost writer is possible, it is more than likely that Bailey's intended audience for the Cuffy Bear series was much younger.

The Robinson Curriculum - 22 CD set contains six Arthur Scott Bailey books in a large tiff, image format. The A2 Curriculum contains three Arthur Scott Bailey books in a PDF format.


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