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Home School Treasures has been in business since the early 1980's. Our company was established when we started homeschooling our children because we saw the need for quality materials that were not just a reproduction of the public school methods with a bit of God added in. We wanted to help others save money and time, as well as share the freedom of breaking out of the public school mind sets and failing methods. We had purchased so many different products that were either barely used or sat on our shelves that we wasted our money on or they just didn't work for us.

Our first motive is to serve the Christian Home schooling community and share our experiences of what has worked and what has not. It is not necessary to learn the hard way if you can learn from the mistakes of others. The many years ago when we started not much help was available ... unless we paid dearly for it. There are so many different methods and topics on the subject, one can easily get lost and overwhelmed. Always remember quality-vs-quantity. We hope your experience at our website will help to relieve you, encourage you, and remind you that no one on the planet loves and cares for your children and their education more than You, their parent(s).

We offer many free resources that are available on the internet. We update them as time permits. There is so much out there that is free, it too, can become overwhelming. We have tried to include only those that we thought would benefit the most people since all of our children are different. Our main resource is the A2 Home Study Program.

Even if ALL of the program's vast contents were available free online, the time it would take to collect, store, organize and structure such material would never outweigh the selling price of $99 for an all-in-one curriculum AND it can be used without being online or downloading any of it. The program has enough structure and organization to save you valuable time, yet leaves enough room to be flexible and adjust, or supplement, if you want, according to you and your children's needs. When we first started homeschooling our children, we used the Robinson Curriculum. The RC can be summed up in one simple statement that has helped many parents break out of the public schools and advance as well as the curriculum claims. "There are three subjects; Reading, Writing and Arithmetic; everything else can be covered in the reading materials." That single sentence is all anyone needs to hear and without spending $200 for a short booklist.

Many homeschooling companies are in that "box" of thinking the way to educate our children is to duplicate the public school's method and add in a little religion. We are among those that have ventured out of the box of that antiquated system. We have examined education at the turn of the century, where education or knowledge was at its highest and children learned more and were a lot smarter than they are today. They utilized the 3-R's method, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. All subjects were learned in this manner and the children were motivated, self-learners. The more a child can research and be encouraged to enhance their own education, the fewer their limitations will be, there will be less work and stress on the parents, and the child will become more successful and advance to higher levels quickly.

A Home Library and/or use of your local library if possible, is very important in every home. We provide hand selected titles of books that are complete and unabridged, either rare, or previously out of print and many times not available or known by the general public. Many of our books are great collectibles and are great gifts to share with others. Ordering our hand selections from the Amazon links helps us continue to provide free information and resources.

If you cannot understand our basic statement of faith from our articles, it would suffice to say that we are believers. We do not have a denominational preference. We believe in the requirement of John 3:3, and that when a person is born-again or "saved", that a miraculous transformation of the spirit takes place by God's grace when we receive into our hearts, the word of God made flesh that dwelt among us. The man, son of God, Jesus the Christ is our Saviour and no man comes to the Father except through him. We believe that each of us has the responsibility to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. (Phil. 2:12) Many confess or profess to be Christians, yet their fruit says otherwise. We also believe it is not our place to judge the salvation or condition of another's heart. We shall know our brothers and sisters in Christ by the Spirit and by their fruits, not by their church affiliation or statement of faith.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or if we can be of help and encouragement to you or if you would like prayer. We hope our website leaves you feeling empowered and encouraged and that you will experience a freedom of choice and joy, that also transfers over to your children. We believe your children, too, will enjoy learning and the education process. Our Christian children of today, YOUR children, will indeed be, tomorrow's leaders! Please utilize our Articles section.

Abundant Blessings to you and your family!

Caren Cornell


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