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We apologize but the A2 program has been discontinued and is unavailable from the publisher until further notice

If you have ever considered the Robinson Curriculum consider A2/Accelerated Achievement - or A2, as a far better option. It can also be used with the Robinson Curriculum to fill in the gaps and areas not covered with the RC. However, if you purchase the A2, there is no need to purchase the Robinson Curriculum. Click to view the content comparison chart at A2-vs-RC or see the links at the bottom of the page for more, detailed information and contents list.

See our A2 demo below:

A2 Demo

A2 Comes in a Nice, Sturdy, Protective Case


 $99.00 + shipping US states including Hawaii and Alaska. Current Version. Includes Free Updates, Scope & Sequence and more!

Although the contents of the program are not Mormon. We do offer a LDS supplement which includes a couple more books. It must be ordered specifically below. Please read our FAQ for more details.


 $99.00  Current Version with LDS Supplement

Check out the Math program. Before you purchase any other math curriculum or any other materials, please do examine the A2 contents thoroughly.

Small Henty

 $11.99 G.A. Henty - Altsheler CD

See the Henty-Altsheler page for a list of the book titles. They are all in text format, also easily transferable and compatible with any device.

The Accelerated-Achievement curriculum comes in a heavy, protective, decorative, 5-1/4" x 7-1/2" case cover.(shown above)

The A2 was created using the same time-tested, vintage methods that was introduced to many of us through the Charlotte Mason Methods, the Robinson Curriculum and others --- The Famous Three R's. (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) A2 also includes the necessary Phonics, Grammar and other Kindergarten material that is a must for every beginner. The program can be used with several different learning/teaching methods. It is best utilized with the self-teaching method.

Read emails from A2 users at our A2 user comments page.

The only product on the market that could even come close to the A2 is the Robinson Curriculum. However, instead of 250+ books for $195 - (RC) with 22 CD ROMs to switch back and forth, this curriculum offers 800+ books/works and more than double the content for only $99.00 - (A2)...and ALL on one CD. Not to mention the ease of structure and organization beyond a DOS style software.

The A2 does not waste disk space with 100 year old encyclopedias, nor the old dictionary, both of which are available online for free. (See the free links section on our RC webpage.) Most do prefer the 1828 Dictionary and a free link to that Dictionary is also on the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum page. Most parents, and willing publishers, will agree that it is better for a child to manually look-up the necessary research material, verses software with dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The A2 is divided by grade levels with complete instruction and organization, yet the students are not limited to any grade level. Each grade has its own course of study. It also offers the versatility veteran homeschoolers want.

This curriculum comes with a weekly planner that is suggested as a starting point to adjust or modify as you wish. Your children can work from this sheet with the A2 course of study and mark the subjects/items he completes for himself.

Read about children's standardized tests scores from Abeka, then only using the A2 for one year! Read more at Customer Comments Page).

Ordering the program grants you membership in the A2 user's group at Yahoo. It is not a public group and all members must complete an application for approval. This is due to spam and also to protect the member's privacy and security. There is another support group that is public if you would like to ask questions of other A2 users. Both groups are very family friendly without too many posts, chat, or idle gossip. You will not be blasted or treated unkindly if you have different opinions or want to choose for yourself --- (such is the case we have seen in other Yahoo support groups and forums). All walks of faith are welcome. Both are a great blessing and the members are some of the most encouraging and positive people we have had the privilege to meet. Click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RC_A2_Group to join.

If you have never used PayPal for your online ordering needs and would like more information, please read our PayPal Information Page. This page also contains helpful tips, cautions and real examples of thief's phony emails to gain your information.

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