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... The test results are in. (CTBS-Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills).

My (4th grade) 9 yo son's reading comprehension scores went up TWO grade levels (to 7th grade), his vocabulary up one grade level (to 6th grade).....

My (5th grade) 11 yo daughter's reading comprehension AND vocabulary scores went up THREE grade levels (to 9th and 10th grade). She went up one grade level in total language (mechanics and expression) to a 10th grade level.....

It is hard to break away from conventional thinking of what school, even school at home, should be. I have seen a lot of people, including many homeschoolers, smile, nod their heads and change the subject when I describe how we are doing homeschool.

Our school day and application of A2 certainly evolved through the year. Our year began with almost four months of deprogramming and adjusting to a whole new idea of how to school. I had big plans for all the other great things we would do, study and accomplish, now that we weren't doing workbooks and worksheets all day long, but life had other plans. I had to simplify our school plan down to covering only the basics (focusing primarily on reading, writing, and math) just to get by. We spent three months traveling back and forth before finally moving to another state. This left no time for our usual month of Spectrum Test Prep for the corresponding grade level before test time. In spite of all the changes our family endured, our only doing the basics, and no test preparation, the kids not only held their own, they excelled!

Our scores are really not about what we did, but about the philosophy and content of A2. One thing I know for sure is that my children will continue to use the A2 program!
Jennifer Key

My CD just came in the mail, and I am having a lot of fun exploring it. It has TONS more stuff than is on the demo. Thanks!

We are very happy at the results of our first week. Our older children are doing more than we expected. They are also working on higher levels of math than we expected... The math book is wonderful. My 11 yr old is reading through it right now, and she goes right to it when she needs help on a question... Thanks so much for a great program!
Blessings, Debra

I've been the "Abeka/textbook" route and found that to be nothing more that "school" at my kitchen table. Been the "unschooling" route and found that I am just not that creative, and just enough of a "player" to be dangerous to the education of my kids <wink>, AWOA (A World of Learning Adventures - Biblical history based curriculum - awesome!) took too much time - we've been through 4 or 5 curriculums and my oldest is only 4th grade!!! Ugh. I was just about to give up and pay to put my kids in school... I sent away for the A2 demo CD. I liked what I saw, but never pursued it... I put in one last attempt to find a curriculum that would work for us, so I joined some Yahoo groups. It basically came down to RC or A2. We got the A2 CD. I've devoured it and have been working with it for last two weeks, and LOVE it.

I just feel compelled to share these things ... perhaps God will use it to minister to one of you out there. God most certainly used Paul and A2 to minister to me, to help me, and to keep me on the path and ultimate plan that He has for my life, for the lives of my children. I have always felt "called" to home school for religious (I'm not LDS), social and political reasons, but, I have had difficulty doing it. It is most certainly true that God will anoint you and those around you to be able to do what it is that He has called you to do. "I CAN do ALL things through Him that Strengthens me" (paraphrased)

It brings me to tears, the gratitude that I feel for Paul (he knows why) and the blessing that A2 has been in my life. God used Paul to help me and he didn't even know it (or maybe he did...?). Either way, A2 has been an incredible blessing for my family. Thank you.

Blessing to you in the mighty name of Jesus --- Dana in Texas

Thank you for the folder system ... and this absolutely GREAT CD. The books and structure of the CD are wonderful! It's like getting a classical education in a fraction of the time of public school. The beauty of it is the kids don't KNOW they're getting a classical education, because they're having such fun at it. We're beginning to have the most interesting conversations (especially the older kids). It has literally been a lifesaver. The program gives me just enough structure to see the progress of the kids and just enough freedom for them to continue at their own pace... They get done in record time, with plenty of time to do their other activities. It has released a lot of stress for me concerning their schoolwork and keeping records. I can't thank you enough. My day goes SO much better because of it. I think this group is great too! I don't post much because my questions have been answered before I can ask just by reading the posts on the group. I'm very excited about this school year.
Roberta Colvin

Follow Up Post:
RE: Support from the A2 users group:
I'm just as excited as I ever was. Reading about the other homeschoolers, some the problems they are having, and how they are dealing with them is wonderful! You have NO idea how helpful it has been dealing with my own six children and my homeschooling dilemmas. It seems that I have encountered the problems described in the group at one time (I am still dealing with some of them), and I always seem to find the answer there.
Roberta Colvin

"I have been using A2 for over a year now. Here is a list of my reasons for recommending A2:

1. Great reading! And it is easy to find a lot of the books cheaply at the used book store.
2. Ease of use. Everything I need is on one cd. It is ordered by grade level (not that I go by grade level). It is easy to search for materials on the cd. It is easy to travel with the one cd.
3. Great history books. My kids have developed a real interest in history because of the history reading.
4. No more dependence on text books. My kids are learning to learn from what is around them instead of thinking they must be "taught".
5. Reading comprehension and vocabulary scores for my kids have risen dramatically since using A2.
6. Great support. Paul Stone is very responsive when his help is needed. The user's group is full of great people with great ideas for how to implement A2.
7. NOT Mom intensive. All I do is make sure the kids have the books they need and hold them accountable for their work. I spend about ten minutes a day reviewing their work and logging it for my records. I am no longer bound by lesson plans, complicated instructions to follow, endless worksheets and testing, and burnout. The kids have really stepped up since the responsibility of learning has been placed on their shoulders instead of me being responsible for teaching them. Their successes and failures are theirs, not mine.

The only supplementing I have done is that I use Saxon math instead of the math on the cd with my elementary kids. But, I have printed out the math book for the kids to use as an additional study resource when they are struggling with particular concepts.

I know there is so much more I could say in favor of A2. This curriculum has really changed our home. We no longer have homeschool burnout by summer. It is so easy for the kids to take their work on the road (we tend to travel more than I plan to). We continue through the summer now because school has become a daily routine rather than a burden for all of us."

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