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Why didn't I receive a confirmation or access to the A2 users website when I purchased the program?
We have had several customer's email confirmations bounce back. This is most likely due to your spam blocker, or it is in your spam folder. Feel free to email any questions or concerns. We do not collect our customer's email addresses. We do not share or sell any personal information. We too have to deal with spammers and solicitors and we do not like it either.

Is this A LDS curriculum or to be used by LDS only?"
No. The program is not a denomination of any kind. It has no slant or bias towards or against any faith. It is however, considered a Christian curriculum because most vintage books, as in the 1879 McGuffey Readers, do contain strong values and character building stories that give reverence to God. The content and booklist are available before you purchase. See the booklist at A2 Booklist. This program is risk-free. You may also view the Demo for a closer examination of the program. We do not have a "statement of faith" of our personal beliefs but you will get a good idea that we are believers by reading our articles from the articles directory.

Not all A2 users even consider themselves Christian. It is available for use by everyone. One can easily pick and choose from the vast content. In fact, if you will read our article about the author, George MacDonald, you will find that we do not condone his fantasy writings, or the Narnia works, some of which are included in the program.

What is included in the LDS Supplement?
The LDS Supplement is extra and is not included with the regular version. You must ask for it specifically or order it with the correct "buy now" link. There is no extra charge for this supplement. The Supplement includes: 435 passages from the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, and a book on preparing for a mission. More information can be found on our About Mormons webpage.

Why not a Catholic, Jewish or other denominational Supplement?
An attempt for additional supplements was made in early 2004. There must be enough interest and support to justify this undertaking to keep the price the same as the regular version w/o the free supplements. Contact and discuss this with your church groups and home school groups. If there are enough interested parties, we'd love to be of service in this area. You may contact us by email. Many speeches and quotes by Sister Teresa and the Pope are excellent sources of copywork. Among our favorite Catholic authors are Charlotte Yonge and Basilea Schlink.

What about updates?
All recent and the latest updates are always included when you order. All A2 users who purchased the program have access to any updates and were automatically registered. We offer a one time replacement service for $5.00 IF you return your current CD. This works well for those that are old, worn, or have become damaged. Mail your old CD with check or money order to, Accelerated-Achievement, 2401 SW 316th St., Federal Way, WA 98023.

What type of devices can be used?
The A2 program will work with any device that reads pdf and text files. Studies have shown that looking at a computer, or reading from it is no different than reading for long periods of time. Your eyes become tired. It is advised to look away for several minutes. New or used Kindles can be purchased from our home page from Amazon. You will also find various Ipads of different sizes and prices.

Do I have to have internet service to use the program?
No. The A2 is all self-contained in one CD. However, there are a couple upper level text books that are available free online and links are provided. The few text books are extra and not required. The A2 is flexible that parents and students may supplement and pick and choose from the contents as they like. You can also transfer what files or books you need, when you need them.

How can this much content all be on one CD?
The short answer is better technology. The Robinson Curriculum was created many years ago using very large, scanned image files. The files on the A2 are far more user friendly and are txt and pdf files. They load much faster and take up far less space because each book is a much smaller file format. The contents are also easily transferred to other devices.

Will this software work on a MAC computer?
Yes. All books and contents are formatted pdf files and text files with the exception of the Math Generator. The software that operates the generator which creates the worksheets that go with the Math lessons will not work on a MAC. Everything else works fine. Worksheet generators can be found free online and our MAC customers use those.

How much World History is included and How is evolution addressed?
Our World History texts include: A Short History of the World, by H.G. Wells; A Childs History of England, by Charles Dickens; Beacon Lights of History, by John Lord LL.D.; China and the Manchus, by Herbert Giles; and Famous Men of the Middle Ages, by John H. Haaren, LL.D. The Chronicles of America series also includes a text on Canadian history (The Canadian Dominion) and Hispanic Nations of the New World.

Taken as a collection, these texts form approx. 10 times the World History that the public schools provide.

Concerning evolution at the beginning of A Short History of the World: This text clearly shows the flimsy evidence upon which evolution is built. Heidelberg man is based on a single jaw bone. From that single fragment we are supposed to believe that an entire form of early man actually existed. Cro-Magnon supposedly evolved from Neanderthal man. Wells points out that they lived side by side. Cro-Magnon actually hunted down and killed the Neanderthals. The idea that one form of early man could evolve from another, and yet they exist simultaneously is laughable.

H. G. Wells had to know this. He wrote this book, making a mockery of scientific evolution without appearing to attack Science overtly. We suggest reading A Short History of the World in conjunction with the Bible. It is enjoyable and comical how Mr. Wells masterfully but subtlely dismantled evolution. He does allow for good Science. Science shows the proper sequence of the creation as explained in Genesis.

Science makes two huge mistakes: First, the timing is way off. (Incidentally, the books in question show how Science keeps changing. Wells indicates that Science believed the world is 2 billion years old. When I was in high school, it was 4.5 billion. Today they say it is 10 billion years. Translation: they don't have a clue.) Second, there is no evidence of a smooth transition from one life form to another. What we have are a series of discrete steps. Did a Neanderthal really give birth to a Cro-Magnon? A gradual process that requires billions of years does not take place, in discrete steps. Evidence of evolution would be something like morphing a picture of an apes face into that of a modern man. A smooth, continuous transition, with no steps. What we have is a before and after snap shot. ~~~ Paul Stone, publisher of A2 Curriculum.

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